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Homeless People by David A. Herrera

Dave H started this conversation

R.E.A.C.H. 4 SALEM LOCATED IN SALEM, OREGON   Making Salem/Keizer a better place for all  CHANGE A HOMELESS LIFE DONATE     HERE IS WHY "REACH" IS IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US.  Our main goal is to integrate as many of the Homeless people that want to get back into the main stream of society as possible. With donations from you, together we can start a new generation of help for the unfortunate and give the tools needed to do so. This will take a huge amount of time and donations.  Most people do not start at the top. This would be the same problem Reach 4  Salem will have to reach our goal. By starting out as a Family Thrift Store that meets the basic needs of the Homeless Men and Woman. A Thrift Store that would serve as a trust between the Homeless and, the Community. By giving seasonal protection to the Homeless that are in need, is a true blessing.  The Homeless are in the need of coats, shirts, socks, underwear, shoes for both Men and Women, on a regular basis. These basic needs are more important to a Homeless person than food during the winter months. Being Homeless is much more than people realize. First Impressions ?To return into the work force, the applicant must dress "properly" for that position they are seeking. The applicant may require A; resume, shower, shave new cloths, shoes, hair-do, make-up, bows and ribbons for some, phone and, reliable transportation. The average Homeless person does not have a chance or the resources to look their best everyday. Transportation is; walking, bicycling or bus. This is a problem that must be solved to benefit the job seeker(s) and, our community’s burden. Training a person or brushing up for the position always requires people who know-how and, can train for, That  desired position. Knowing the community is helping you and, not looking down on you, makes a big difference in a person’s confidents. To feel good about "you", is the best feeling one person can have. Can you volunteer / help with proper attire, training, resumes, phones, transportation?       Do you know how to obtain; grants, legal advice, vehicles, supplies needed?   If You Can   We as a community may not be able to help all of the Homeless needs, although we can help those who want help. Head off those who are becoming homeless. There are many reasons why a person becomes homeless. Since this situation of poverty is growing, today the trust of our two types of society in one city can cause mistrust for both in different ways. Reach will be, that link needed, to show the Homeless, the possibility is real, when the resources are all there, for you to get back on your feet, are all in one place. That feeling of hope, through the generosity that is coming from the people in the surrounding Cities and Counties, just for you. Someday this will become reality.      Restoring Encouraging Adults Community Homeless    1 John 2:15     Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.                       PLEASE CONTACT US AT You may contact us at P.O. Box 7843 Salem, Oregon  97303  Reach 4 Salem Is A Domestic Nonprofit Corporation  Registry Number 679270-96 

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